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Travel in style with BeoPlay H3 Ocean Blue

Press Release   •   May 07, 2015 09:02 BST

It is time to update your travel essentials with the Ocean Blue special edition of BeoPlay H3, the ultra light yet robust in-ear headphones from B&O PLAY. Bundled with your H3 you will get POINT, a handmade, bespoke leather pouch from Hard Graft, a leading UK-based luxury goods brand.

B&O PLAY by BANG & OLUFSEN today introduced an exciting traveller’s combination consisting of the special edition BeoPlay H3 Ocean Blue headphones together with POINT, a nifty, leather and felt guardian from Hard Graft that will ensure the safety of your H3s when they are not sitting comfortably in your ears.

A seamless travel and work companion, destined to bring you great sound performance and best-in-class comfort along the way! That’s the one-liner often used to describe BeoPlay H3, the popular in-ears from

B&O PLAY. It’s the ultimate companion on the go; small in stature, huge in performance, sleek in appearance and sturdy in use.

The most precious parts of BeoPlay H3 are the ear buds. And even though they’re robust and built for a rugged life we thought they deserved a little extra protection – and that’s the task solved by POINT:

When BeoPlay H3 is in use, and that is whether you are on a call in the airport lounge, listening to music in transit or watching a movie on the plane, you can just keep the little pouch attached to the cord, dangling like a little ball – and once you’re done, you can quickly pull the ear buds back into safety.

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BeoPlay H3 Ocean Blue + POINT is priced at EUR 229 / USD 229 / DKK 1699

Available in selected airport stores from May 2015.




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